Differentiation in a competitive market

As agents we believe we must differentiate in an ultra competitive market

All agents and agencies are actively competing for local market share. Adding with the rise of online agencies there is no doubt just how competitive the agency world really is.

As the demand for the PRS is growing, we are therefore likely to see growing numbers of both high-street and online operators coming to market in the months and years ahead. We studied recent research which seemed to suggest that the market had reached a saturation point in parts of London and questioned whether this many agencies were actually needed.

Here at Anthea lettings we believe that this is a free market and think that it is to the individual landlord and tenants to decide on who will survive based on the services they have received or been provided. Which agencies will fall will be based on their ability to win business and operate profitably. Those agencies which are unable to take the heat of competition will eventually become dysfunctional and fail.

We also believe the principle concern should not be the number of competitors but the service our agency is offering, the value it provides, and our ability to differentiate within such a highly competitive marketplace. We stand out from the crowd, giving a personal assurance and service and have the confidence and belief in our proposition when it comes to both price and service.

It is a combination of factors that results in the prosperity of the client relationship and thus the success of our business. We repeat this achievement time and time again and we benefit from excellent references and thus referral. As Successful agents we will be able to develop a proposition which places us above that competition, which accentuates the quality of the service, and focuses on results.

In our view, long live healthy competition and extensive consumer choice is the answer.