London a bonus for London landlords

London a bonus for London landlords

According to data collected by HomeLet, rent has increased up 12.5% across the country from 2014 (£845 pcm) to 2015 (£960pcm).

Rents in London were 10.6% higher in June 2015 compared to last year.

London is the most expensive place to rent a room with an average value of £1506 in June of 2015 was 105.7% higher than the rest of UK (£759pcm).

To rent a room in London is going to set back nearly £700 a month, the highest price in some of Europe’s major cities, according to the new figures released.

Compared to other European capitals, London comes out as the most expensive city during the last four years.  Paris had an average monthly rental of £397 a month and Milan £363 per month. The cheapest city to live is Spain and Valencia with an average cost of £165 per month. Malaga is slightly more expensive with £185 monthly.

Now you are lucky to be a landlord in London, here are some advantages of being a landlord:

Income: This is undoubtedly the main reason to be a landlord. Every month you will receive the rent, which will cover any mortgage outstanding on the property. Therefore, you will be able to hold the property while it gains value.

Long-term security: Renting a property can provide you comparatively stable income which can be saved as a pension.

Managing an investment: Becoming a landlord is a way to doing investment, like managing your own business. Landlords make decisions on rental price, costs, contact and terms.

However, it would be easier for a landlord to find a professional agency to help to manage the property.

Here at Anthea Lettings, we provide a ‘Guaranteed Rent’ service which is a full management service, freeing you up from day-to-day management responsibilities of your property or portfolio. The fixed monthly payment regardless of whether the tenant is paying or not, or even if the property is empty. Therefore, you won’t be bothered by managing your property; meanwhile, you will be offered guaranteed rent for a long term.