Anthea Lettings – Inventory App

At the beginning and end of every tenancy a landlord has to inspect the property and do inventories that will protect both the landlord, in case of any damages in the property, and the tenant, in case of false damage charges.

Anthea Inventory is the first free and complete application that provides detailed inventory reports, designed for private landlords, estate agents and property managers.

Anthea Inventory is a free application, meaning that there are no extra fees or hidden charges, and you will not be charged for the reports either.

Anthea Inventory is a very easy to use, Free and time saving app that allows you to create reports with out the use of a PC.

Anthea Inventory is a new application and we will be constantly making improvements based on your reviews.

  • FREE app all the way (no hidden charges or extra costs)
  • Photos of everything outlined in the inventory
  • Professional PDF reports that you can print at any time
  • Reports can be sent to the tenants straight away from your phone or tablet
  • View details of all your inventories, notes, photos, certificates etc. wherever you are
  • Your reports are private as and stored on your device where you can email them to your agent, tenant or yourself to store and print.