Complicated Legislation for Landlords

Legislation for landlords to provide safe and compliant homes is constantly up-dating, but many landlords feel it is becoming more onerous and harder to keep up with.

At the moment, landlords have to adhere to over 140 Government statutes and regulations in order to provide a safe and compliant home.

The consequences of not being compliant put the landlord at greater risk of tenant problems, significant fines and potentially putting a tenant’s life at risk through non-compliant gas installations.

The vast majority of the U.K.’s circa 2 million landlords are often people who do not even consider themselves a landlord, as they have a day job or career and just invest in property as a pension hedge or to generate additional income.  They may be too busy in their work-a-day world to keep up with their legal obligations.  

It seems a false economy for this demographic of landlord to manage their own properties, as they may struggle to keep up with the regulatory frame-work and may open themselves up to fines or increased risk. Using a letting agent can help protect them from risk of non-compliance and ultimately save them money, as their asset will not only be compliant, but also maintained properly.

Here at Anthea Lettings, we have an In-House team which has the sole remit of keeping up with legislation to ensure that we are up-to-date and giving their landlords the best possible advice and service. If you require any advice on certain legislation, please contact a member of our team on 02077000021 or via email at