Inventories a must for both landlords and tenants

An Inventory is a must for both landlord and tenant. Anthea Lettings provides a free inventory app downloadable from the app store.

Tenants and landlords should consider the benefits of having a comprehensive inventory completed upon the commencement of a new tenancy agreement.  Deposit disputes are commonly one of the biggest problems for both parties involved at the end of a rental property agreement, and many potential issues can be avoided if an inventory is provided.

For every managed property Anthea Lettings undertake an inventory with no fee as part of the normal guaranteed rent service.  For those properties not under our rent guaranteed service or where a landlord is managing the property themselves, Anthea Lettings provides a free inventory app downloadable from the app store.  Its features have everything needed for a comprehensive and complete inventory.  There is no need to register with us and there are no hidden costs.  We have designed this app for all to use, and since its creation, we are proud to say we haven’t had a single dispute that was not dealt with efficiently and in a timely and professional manner. Our landlords and tenants alike have appreciated the efficiency of our new innovative app, and cannot believe we are providing this free of charge.

A true inventory is not just simply a list of items in the property, it is more importantly a record of the condition of a property on or immediately before a tenant moves in. It comments on the condition of everything from floor to ceiling and all the contents within, and the cleanliness at the start of the tenancy. Thus enabling an easy, indisputable comparable of the state of the property on the tenants move out date. In effect, it protects the tenant as much as the landlord in being able to show exactly what state the property was in upon occupation compared to that of how it’s left on the move out date. Thus making it clear, if the landlord has any entitlement at all to retain some or even all of the deposit for damage and/or cleaning.

It does need to be agreed by both parties on move in. Photos are excellent support for comments made in the inventory but should not be considered a replacement for the written word. Our inventory app allows photos to be included. Photos which are unsigned and undated generally are not worth the effort so make sure they are accepted from the outset.

A well structured inventory can give both landlords and tenants peace of mind throughout the occupation period.

If you have any questions, or require any advice, relating to an existing inventory or a prospective one, please contact a member of our staff on 0207 700 0021 we will be more than happy to help.

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