Guaranteed Rent Service

Landlords can relax with our Guaranteed Rent Service

It’s not a secret that every person who thinks about a Guaranteed Rent Scheme first of all calculates the profits, takes into consideration the risks and is looking for the possible benefits of this scheme. It could take months to find the appropriate information, reading forums, comparing agencies and services along with discussing all the options in a family meeting. It is easy to get confused, with all the different services and companies available to you.

How nice it would be to find everything in one place?

How wonderful it would be to refurbish the property and spend less time and money?

Who doesn’t think about all these things?

Our Guaranteed rent scheme is a perfect decision for people who decide to become first time landlords. The common mistake for inexperienced landlords is to think that to do everything yourself, is much a cheaper and easier option. Only after wasting time and spending money, decorating the property, buying furniture, finding tenants, checking references and proof of income, first time landlords realise that it is not that easy.

Our Guaranteed rent scheme allows landlords to avoid all the problems mentioned above. We help you to save your time. No need for you to worry if the property is in a poor condition and not attractive. We offer a property maintenance service included in our Guaranteed Rent Scheme which includes a wide range of services for our landlords. We offer property modernisation and renovation such as lofts and basements and general overhaul of a property with also the possibility of extensions.

We consider our landlords as valued clients, and as such adhere to keep your properties in the best condition possible. The Guaranteed rent scheme allows landlords to bring their property up to standards without spending a penny upfront on materials or labour and guaranteed rental income for your property every month in advance for the entire term of our contract once the works are completed. Your property can look completely renovated and attractive to tenants – it is a great opportunity.

If you do not live in the UK, travel a lot, a busy professional, inexperience landlord, a first time landlord or a landlord with a large portfolio our Guaranteed Rent Scheme is adaptable and  a perfect option and solution for you.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss the options available.