Tips For Landlords

Tips for Landlords

We have lots of tips for landlords to make letting a property much easier, please see our blog weekly for more updated tips.

Here are a few top tips to get started:

Setting rental price too high or too low…. Setting the rent too high may result in undesirable and limited interest from potential clients. However, setting the price too low might bring financial pressure; limit your rental income to a justified and sustainable income.

Attempting to self-manage a property can create headaches for landlords to manage the property by yourself, especially if you do not have enough time or resources to commit to such a task.

Neglecting maintenance: As a landlord, it is your responsibility to commit to regular inspections on your property and make sure everything is fixed properly, if you neglect to do this and a tenant injures themselves, you the landlord may be in legally liable.

There are some tips help you to avoid the risks:

Take a letting agents approach for rent valuation. At Anthea lettings we have over 50 years combined experience of the rental market in North of London. We will never set a price to your property until we have viewed the property, followed by us providing the specific “guaranteed rent” product to our clients from our professional staff.

Regular property inspections. It’s a landlord’s responsibility to check the property regularly for safety issues, as well as making the repairs to keep the property in good condition. Anthea Lettings offer safety advice with various safety regulations and full maintenance with our own in house contractors and a full management service.

Make sure that an agent pays a fixed monthly payment even if the property is empty without any void period. Here at Anthea Lettings we provide our clients a fixed monthly payment from the day you sign the agreement without any void period in order to lower your risks.

Anthea Lettings provides a full range of property management services and is a leading supplier of Guaranteed Rent, across North London, giving landlords complete peace of mind that their rent will be paid each month.

For further information please contact a member of staff on 0207-700-0021